Miami Rowing Club – Nacra 17, 49er and 49er FX

49er, FX, Nacra 17 at Miami Rowing Club:

1.  Welcome to the Miami Rowing Club for the ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami.

2.  The Rowing Club is a City of Miami Facility with other programs in addition to our regatta.   US Sailing has arranged limited use of the Rowing Club.  Please respect the facility and the other users.

3.  The large fenced area and the beach is for the use of sailors.  Obviously, there is plenty of space for car parking, containers and sailboats. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AROUND OVERHEAD POWER LINES.

4.  There is no charge for training and storage between 6 January 2014 and 9 February 2014.  There will be a daily charge for boats remaining at the Rowing Club after 9 February 2014 and for training prior to 6 January.

5.  Sailors may use the restrooms located on the second floor of the Rowing Club.  We also have additional temporary toilets.  Please do not urinate outside.  Please change clothes in the containers or in the restrooms, not in the open.

6.  There are hoses and fresh water near the fence at the beach.  Please turn the water off after use.

7.  Please deposit all trash in the trash cans.  Do not litter.

8.  Coachboats may (1) anchor overnight in the harbor, (2) anchor on the beach, (3) make your own arrangements with one of the private marinas nearby, or (4) return to the US Sailing Center each night.   Do not leave any valuables in your boat overnight.  US Sailing and the Miami Rowing Club cannot be responsible for the security of the coachboats.

9.  There will be a security officer present at night during the ISAF Sailing World Cup Regatta

10.  The gates will be locked overnight.

11.  All sailboats, containers and trailers must be removed by the end of the day on 9 February 2014.

12.  Please follow the instructions of the Facility Manager.

Note: The large fenced area and the beach is for the use of the sailors. There is ample space for your boats and, during most hours, for your cars. Space for trailers and or containers will be constrained and it will be helpful to let us know what are your needs in this regard. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AROUND OVERHEAD POWER LINES.